Why A Reverse Mortgage?

by Don Opeka

What is a Reverse Mortgage, really?

A loan for homeowners who want to stay in their home as long as possible.
A loan that provides homeowners with choices to fit their financial situation.
A loan that can help homeowners from Medicaid recipients to millionaires and the myriad in between.

This book was written to answer the questions you have and the ones you haven’t considered yet!

The Basic Questions: 

Who is eligible for a Reverse Mortgage? 

What are the myths versus the facts? 

How do real people use these loans in their lives?

The Trickier Ones: 

What if I’m already on Medicaid? 

What happens if I get married before or after a Reverse Mortgage? 

What about my kids??

This book is written for the lay person – a potential borrower, a concerned adult child, a professional who works with seniors.  It contains real-life examples of borrowers in a wide variety of financial situations with different sorts of circumstances and goals.  In addition, there is a glossary with basic definitions of many mortgage-related terms and amortization examples to help you visualize the big picture.

Reader Comments:

“A Reverse Mortgage can be useful in many more ways than I thought.”

“It can be a great method financially to use your asset to stay at home.”

“I already have a Reverse Mortgage, and think this is a wonderful product that all eligible adults should consider!”

“It gave me peace of mind knowing that I understand more clearly what a Reverse Mortgage was.”

“They are a wonderful tool when used appropriately.”

“This will be very helpful for those in the senior housing industry.”

“Made it much more understandable.  I am example oriented and the various stories brought it home.”

“Don – you did a great job on this.  This needs to replace the old “Use Your Home To Stay At Home” booklet we have to send out!”

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A dissectologist is a person who enjoys assembling jigsaw puzzles.  A Reverse Mortgage Loan Originator is a person who helps his clients assemble their financial picture.  For both the dissectologist and the loan originator, the idea is to bring the various pieces together to form a complete picture, not to view them in isolation.  Throughout this book, I will help you explore how a Reverse Mortgage can fit into a larger financial picture for homeowners with diverse histories and goals.